The Washington, D.C. punditry was quick to put Bill Shuster on the list of Congressional Leaders in danger in 2014.  He was running against a former lifetime military man who had the ability to self-fund and attracted some of the professional right to his campaign.  Red Maverick Media managed the Shuster brand from the ground up.

With a sophisticated micro-targeted email and digital campaign, along with a ground game developed by professionals at Red Maverick Media, that included devastating television ads conceived in partnership with Poolhouse Digital, Congressman Shuster not only survived the attacks, but he won his race by 18%.  Red Maverick Media was proud to be leading the charge for Congressman Shuster.


The 107th State House District had been held by Democrats for 39 years when Democratic Representative Bob Belfanti, the powerful chairman of the Labor Committee, announced his retirement.  Belfanti and major unions coalesced quickly behind Twp. Supervisor George Zalar, and the race seemed decided long before Election Day.

Red Maverick Media client Kurt Masser, a Northumberland County Commissioner at the time, was the Republican candidate.  Red Maverick Media put together a series of positive pieces about Kurt’s business experience and his record cutting taxes and spending at the county, and a series of pieces contrasting that record with George Zalar’s who voted to raise taxes by 98%.

When Zalar became desperate, he attacked Masser about an incident that happened almost 3 decades earlier with his ex-wife.  Red Maverick Media was ready, we executed a press conference and had a TV ad up featuring his ex wife in less than 24 hours after the Democrats ad aired.  Masser went on to win 68% in the district and win every single precinct.


When Democrat Bud George, who had served for 38 years and was the head of the powerful Energy Committee in Harrisburg, announced his retirement and endorsed County Commissioner and former Congressional Candidate Mark McCracken, few gave Republican Tommy Sankey much of a chance.  Sankey started the race down double digits and at a fundraising disadvantage.

Working with the HRCC, we were able to grow Tommy’s positives by talking about his business background as well as his blue collar story.  We were also able to tie Mark McCracken to a very unpopular President, including supporting Obamacare and his cuts to Medicare.  Red Maverick Media also crafted a television ad that gained widespread attention titled “Taxing Mark McCracken.”  The positives and tough contrasts worked, as Red Maverick Media and the Sankey campaign were able to turn a double digit deficit into a 61%-39% victory on Election Night.


Being a leader of the Senate means that you are always a target.  Senator Jake Corman faced Democratic County Commissioner Jon Eich in 2010, and Corman knew he needed to take the challenge seriously.  That’s why he hired Red Maverick Media.

Red Maverick Media produced a series of micro-targeted pieces of mail to different regions of the Senate District.  Through working with Public Opinion Strategies and the campaign on the ground, Red Maverick Media knew that a cookie cutter campaign couldn’t make the race competitive, especially in the left leaning State College Borough, home to Penn State University.

Outside of the borough, we created pieces that talked about Jake leading the effort to stop Governor Rendell’s tax and spend agenda.  Within State College, we used first person based testimonials talking about the differences he has made in the community.  On Election Day, Senator Corman received 69.43% of the vote, a 13% improvement from 2006 and his biggest win ever against a Democrat.


In 2010, Warren Kampf faced a Democratic incumbent in one of the most competitive performing districts in Pennsylvania.  Kampf’s campaign was outspent nearly 2-1.  By remaining disciplined with his message and constantly contrasting with the incumbent, Kampf won a 700 vote victory.

In 2012, Kampf once again faced the Democrat he defeated in 2010 in what was billed by news organizations as the most competitive state House election of the year due to both the district’s voting performance and the Presidential race above him on the ballot.  A strategy was developed to never allow a vulnerable message to resonate and taking a focused approach to message development with major topics such as education.  Kamp went on to win re-election by 1,000 votes despite 10,000 more voters showing up than in 2010.


Getting into a race late is always hard but having four other candidates months ahead in organization is even tougher.  That is exactly what Mike Regan faced when he decided late to throw his hat into a five way Republican primary.  He was facing well funded opponents and had never run for office before.

A comprehensive plan was put together that utilized his limited resources effectively, personalized his campaign in every aspect and showcased Regan’s Experience.  Mike Regan went on to win the five person primary with nearly 50% of the vote.